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About Us

Eddy and Viv Badd wanted to create adult sized Playground so everyone could explore all their fantasies in a fun clean safe setting. So they Purchased a beautiful 3 family home with sweat and hard work became the largest private house party that we all call RI Playground.

Our Facility:

There are 9 private play rooms, and 3 open rooms including a couples only room

The first floor is our meet and greet floor with the Wild West room, the Pirate room, and the 50 Shades of Grey Red Room of Pain.

The second floor has a dance floor complete with stripper Pole, and 4 play rooms including the Jungle room and the wildly popular Gothic room.

The third floor is a towel and robe only floor, with 2 private play rooms, a Glory Hole, and the open group play area. We provide a supply of towels, and lockers for no charge.

The house has a fully equipped dungeon and has 2 sex swings, massage table, Sybian, and a doctor's office with 2 exam tables.

All rooms are supplied  with clean sheets, toys, lube and condoms and cleaning products. 


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