Frequently asked Questions?

Is there a membership? 

No memberships. We are not a club just a private house party. We have suggested donations.

What are the suggested Donations?

Couples $40
Single Females $10
Single Men $50
Transgender $30 (On Fusion Fridays)

How do you RSVP?

Check out the upcoming events. When you find a date and theme that you are interested in contact the host of that event directly. Provide your name, status (couple/single), state that you are over 21 and interested in RSVP'ing. They will provide you with the steps to pre-pay the suggested donations. (single men please be prepared to provide a clear face picture for verification)

What night is best for me?

Fusion Friday Nights is a meld of Kink and Swing with an emphasis on kink and is open to all genders including CD and Trans.

Saturday Nights is for the mainstream Swing culture which includes Couples, Unicorns and Bulls. 

Are Singles Welcome?

Yes Singles are welcome. However we do limit the amount of Single Men based on the RSVP's of Couples and Single Women to keep a balanced Ratio.

What is the ratio of Men to Women?

All parties are gender balanced. The only exception to this is when it is an "Insatiable" Night.

Swinger Etiquette helpful Links that we recommend.

What should we bring?

All parties are BYOB, bring your own bottle. We have plenty of mixers and a light assortment of food. 

BYOC, bring your own condoms. Every room is supplied with condoms and lube. However everyone has a specific brand they like to use.

We suggest that you bring what you would like to have with you. There's plenty of lockers on the 3rd floor for you to safely keep your personal items.

What should we expect?

Your expectations should be to meet like-minded people in a safe fun space where you can potentially make new connections. 

What should we wear?

Themes are for fun and never mandatory. Dress to impress! No hats, sweats, or hoodies unless it's part of a theme/costume. (sports theme, Halloween etc.) A little tip for the ladies: We have lockers on the 3rd floor if you need to change into your sexy attire or want to bring extra shoes (we have 4 flights of stairs so heels can be a bit uncomfortable towards end of the night ;) ) 

What is the average age group?

All ages welcome however all parties are 21+ with no exceptions.

Covid Guidelines

For the past few months, we've all had to adjust to Covid-19 and all these precautions have become the new norm. We want everyone to enjoy the house and each other responsibly.

  • Please contact the Host listed for the particular event that you're interested in attending and you will receive instructions on how to secure your spot. We are following guidelines and limiting capacity. 

  • All donations are non-refundable
    (however if we receive 24 hour notice and can find a replacement for your spot we will provide a refund)

  • No Cash donations will be accepted. Please download cashapp, venmo or zelle for donations.


  • Wear a mask when entering the house and during the check in process

  • During check in you will be asked a series of questions and your temperature will be taken with a non contact device. Any temperature above 99.5 will be turned away

  • Once checked in it will be your choice to wear a mask or remove it

  • Please social distance to the best of your ability in the common areas

  • Disinfectant spray and paper towels are located in every play area. We ask you to clean after yourself and properly dispose of trash and place laundry in appropriate baskets. Please Do Not replace fresh sheets on the beds.

  • When in the smoking area the tent door shall remain open.

Have any questions not listed here? Contact us: or reach out to a Host.

* All guests must arrive before 10:30pm, 
* masks must be worn
* Front door locks at 10.30 with no re-entry
* Only 2 people allowed at a time to smoke in the backyard.. the outside seating, tent and fire pits will be temporarily closed.